Social Skills and Play Groups

bigstock-Kids-Playing-In-The-Room-40495369Our social skills program is designed to provide your child’s placement within a group setting in order to practice various social skills needed to establish and maintain positive relationships with other people. Trained staff facilitate social interactions through role play, collaborative projects and games.


Goals of the program are to increase the confidence of your child, promote rule-following, establish awareness of subtle social cues and group norms, and of course, to generalize the skills learned in the program to daily events.

Family-Centered Model

For younger children up to age 36 months, we provide group services based on a family-centered model. This allows for a total inclusion of the family in the care and decision making process for their child. Providing support, training, educational, and informational activities in a group environment gives families a chance to benefit from others’ knowledge and experiences.

Group Settings

Groups are formed when six to eight families in a given area are identified by the case worker and practitioner as families who can benefit from treatment in the context of a group in a community setting, and each family agrees to be active participants in the group to better learn how to facilitate play, social skills, and develop lasting relationships with other parents in their own communities.

The Importance of Environment

We believe that the best intervention for addressing both social and play deficits, should take place in the neighborhood in which the child resides. ABC partners with after-school programs, Boys & Girls Clubs and other community based programs to support the child in his or her own communities. We believe it’s best to create an environment that supports the individual in a setting that already exists.




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